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Menai, Menai Ear Sago in the Diamond Instant Passed, Annie Vent was Toot Hake Plaice with Shirt at the Ring Cons Eek! Wenches! In a Candle Lit Back Room of the Leg Endery Cocoa Rooms, Balls Pond Road a Group of Eccentric but Kindly Zealots Platched a Hunning Clan to Wonker the Curled.

T7 meeting

The Clan Site Quimply was to Infiltrate the Nations Crystal Sets (Watts Kiskers) with their Scorching Hot Brand of MASS JUSIC! Thus Pendering the Ropulation a Mivering Quass of Ibbering Jidiots fully in the Power of Plaid Sotters! On that Immortal, Unforgettable Night of the 43rd of Nowonder, the Year of which no-one can remember, the Gentlemen of The Temperance Seven were Born, Mewling, Puking, and Screaming into this Troubled World…

The Band Secretary Miss Fontellina Clad from Head to Toe in Gingham Corduroy, The Band Secretary, Miss Fontellina Cooklington, Duchess of Yertain Sears, took down Notes on Pieces of Toast written in Margarine with a Plumbers Putty Knife. After making sure that the Members of this Mystoric Heating had Understood and Digested the Contents of the Meeting, she then served Toast and Hot Cocoa to the Assembled Throng thus making Doubly Sure that Absolute Secrecy of that Nights Meeting Prevailed.

The Strategy of the Punning Clan involved gaining Access to the Boiler Room of the Alexandra Palace by Imitating the Mating Call of the Cock Hen, thus Enticing the Boilers out of the Building to have their Wicked Way With the Mimicking Miscreant (Dr Sheivt-E Delegated for this Part of the Plan) and Enabling our Heroic Chaps to enter the Palace and Connect a Wax Cylinder of their Blistering Hot MASS JUSIC to the Main Transmitter, but more of that later.

Alexandra Palace

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Stop Press: Paparazzi pilloried...

Stop Press Addendum:
Locum submariner in for Frenchman


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